Bun Ca Cay Hai Phong – Spicy fish noodles Hai Phong

Bun Ca Cay Hai Phong - Spicy fish noodles

Bun Ca Cay Hai Phong is very special. Because they combine between the taste of the sea and the country in the same vermicelli and spicy flavor, according to the taste of the local people in Hai Phong.

Ingredients of a bowl include fried fish, steamed fish ball, fish heart, earlobe. Local shopkeepers choose both sea fish and freshwater fish to cook vermicelli such as mackerel, basa, carp and copper syrup because the meat of these species is firm and less fishy.

Try Bun Ca Cay Hai Phong
Try Bun Ca Cay
fried fish
fried fish

The soup of Bun Ca Cay Hai Phong is made from the fish head and bones so it is very elegant. Vegetables served with fish noodle are usually banana vegetables, along the mosquito net, split cloves and herbs. Hai Phong hotpot noodles are unique in that using tamarind water instead of vinegar or lemon, spicy vermicelli bowl is now more delicious and delicious.

The price of a bowl of vermicelli is only 20,000 VND, the most sold in the morning and noon. Suggested address: food stalls on Tran Phu, Le Loi and Nguyen Cong Tru streets.

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